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Trevor & Katie

Chambersburg Pa 3.20.21

Although Trevor and Katie grew up in the same area and Katie knew Trevor’s sisters, they were never really on each other’s radar. Katie’s dad even owned a bulk food store across from Trevor’s house! Then Trevor, enterprising and motivated guy that he is, decided to buy the bulk food store. Katie continued working there for a month, never thinking much about her new boss 🙂 After she quit, she vowed she’d never work in a bulk food store again! One day her dad got a phone call from Trevor- which was nothing new, as he had just bought a business from him. Imagine his surprise when instead of a business question, Trevor asked him for permission to date his daughter! The rest is history- and Katie finds herself back at the store again, this time as the owner’s wife 🙂

March weather can be unpredictable, so Katie decided to reserve Grayce Gardens for photos so there’d be a roof in case of rain and snow. But there wedding day dawned perfectly clear. and although it was chilly, we were able to take a bunch of their photos in the golden sunlight. Grayce Gardens is a beautiful place with lots of white walls and I loved getting to shoot there too!

The bridesmaids wore eucalyptus colored dresses and carried  beautiful flowy bouquets with lots of greenery- my favorite thing! The bride’s sister in law did such a wonderful job on the florals for the entire day.

The ceremony was at the bride’s home church. A group of their friends sang from the back as they walked up the aisle and with the acoustics in that building, it was beautiful!

As the newlyweds greeted family afterward, there were many hugs shared and a few tears shed. Weddings can be bittersweet, both an exciting beginning and the end of a chapter of living at home with siblings and parents.

The reception was decorated with lots of greenery and candles. On the guest tables there were the prettiest wooden trays with a cheeseball and crackers to share. The wedding cake on the dessert table was made by Katie’s brother!

 The early spring sunshine had turned quite warm by mid afternoon, and family and guests followed them outside to see them off. Trevor’s old truck made the perfect getaway vehicle!

We followed them back to Katie’s home for a few more photos with the old truck before they left for their honeymoon in Florida. Trevor and Katie, best wishes on your marriage and it was an honor to get to know you and photograph your beautiful day!

light + love, Michelle

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